Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Best Thing a Mother Can Do: Thankful Posts

What's the best thing a mother can do for her child?

Reflecting on my past and all that my mother did for me and the future, my children, and all I do for them, I'd have to say my answer would be:


I know for a fact that the prayers of my mother and my honorary mamas met God's ears and turned His favor toward me in my darkest hours. When I rebelled as a teen. When I continued in my rebellion as a young adult. And when I've needed God to come through in my adulthood. They've never stopped praying, and I knew it then and I know it now. He has been faithful to answer and to save me from my mistakes.

As a mother, I know that prayer directly affects my children's lives as well. Twice in the past two years I've felt an urgency in my spirit to fast and pray. And twice, as I've finished my fast, my children have come to me with serious confessions. God has prepared me to deal with these with grace, which has afforded me my children's trust. He has answered my prayers, as well.

I am left in awe of what a prayer can do when the God who sees all and knows what is hidden deep within our hearts is on the receiving end.

And I am eternally grateful for my mother and all of my mamas who have never stopped crying in God's ear for me, as I will continue doing for my own children and other kids God has provided for me to love.

If I've learned anything, it's that I may not be able to change my children (just as my parents could never change me), and I may not be able to make their decisions for them (just as my parents could never make mine, either). But I can affect change through my prayers and my obedience to the Lord.

Which is why I will never stop praying for my children. No matter what they choose to do.


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  1. You are so right, Alycia. I often take Scripture verses that go along with my prayers and personalize them by putting my child's or other loved one's name in it.

  2. Yes, prayer. And honesty. With all the crazy our family was built on through dysfunction and adoption, honesty holds us close through storms.


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