Saturday, November 1, 2014

Considering the Path of Life: Thankful Posts

As I look back on this year, I can see God's goodness in it, even when I strayed from the path He had chosen for me.

In July, I took a look at my blog, The Thoughtful Spot, and realized I hadn't written a post since January. Not really great for a person who had been consistent with my posts the previous year. My readership had begun to grow a little, and I found myself enjoying the writing process. Now, almost a year later, I'm grasping for inspiration, which is very uncomfortable for me.

So I started this new blog. I focused it on encouraging others to be who God created them to be, quirks and all. To give people permission to find God's goodness and life's abundance every day. Just the way you are. (Not excusing your sinful nature, of course. That needs to be dealt with, which I know God will do. He did with me. Still does.)

See, this year I took on more than I should have. I strayed a little from the path that God had for me: writing. Instead I edited. Which was okay. I was successful at doing so. But some part of me lost its spark, its passion, its life. When God called me to use my talents, He said to write. So I'm getting back to writing. And life, joy, excitement.

I may still edit, but it will be secondary to writing. Because God's paths drip with abundance. And who doesn't like abundance? I do. I admit it willingly. And I want God's abundance in my life.

So, as I am thankful today for God's goodness and abundance of life, I encourage you to consider the path you're on. Is it the path God called you to? Is it dripping with abundant life? Do you find joy and goodness around every bend? If not, consider that deep desire within your heart. God most likely put it there to give you a hint what He has in store for you. Find and follow that path for a time. You may be surprised what you find.

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