Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life Isn't Fair. Get Used To It.

by Alycia W. Morales 

Life Lessons #1

I used to hate it when my parents would say, "Life isn't always fair." Now, my kids make angry faces when I tell them the same thing. Just like I did.

Sometimes I buy one child a gift and not the other three.

Or I take one child with me and leave the other three home.

Or someone gets the last piece of chocolate when there isn't enough left to go around.

I try to make things fair more often than not. But sometimes a parent just wants to bless a child out of the blue. Just to let them know they're special ... not because they want to play favorites.
I've heard people say, "Why does so-and-so get to live the good life with their 50" TVs and their newest model car? I work my butt off and have nothing to show for it." And I always consider what people have done to get those things. Are they in deep credit card debt? Have they worked their butt off too, and maybe their job has a more rewarding income? Who knows why someone else gets something "more" than someone else?

Rather than covet your neighbor's shiny new toy, stop and consider God's blessings in your life. Are you breathing today? Are you healthy? Is your bank account at "0" but your bills are paid, there's a roof over your head, and you're not half naked and starving? Did your friend take you out for coffee?

When you think life isn't fair, you're right. But instead of looking at your half-empty cup, look at the half of it that's full. Quit yer complainin'. And thank God for it. Even when life isn't fair, He's still good.


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