Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Five Times I Met Myself ~ A Book Review

by Alycia W. Morales

5 Reasons You Should Read The Five Times I Met Myself by James L. Rubart: The cover resembles a Christmas gift or Valentine's chocolates. Maybe it's the red. But by the end of the book, you'll know you've found a sweet gift in the pages of this book.

2. It's all about relationship. Our relationship with God the Father. Our relationships within our families. And our friendships.

3. It's about how our personal decisions don't only affect our lives. They affect others just as much. Because there are many people we touch with our words and our actions (or lack thereof). And unlike Brock Matthews, we can't go back in time and talk to our younger selves to try to fix our past mistakes to make our present better. All we can do is live in the moment and hope to make amends.

4. It's about forgiveness. We all make mistakes. We're sinful by nature. But GOD. But JESUS. But LOVE. When we can look at others the way God sees them, it's far easier to love them and to free ourselves from the deadly root of bitterness unforgiveness will harbor.

5. The story is pure genius. Of course, I would expect no less from my friend Jim. His stories always are. It will leave you thinking for a good long while...

And if you're a fan of his novel, Rooms, you'll love this just as much! (Or, if you love this, check out Rooms.) For more on Jim, visit James L.

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