Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm Not Perfect and Neither Are You

by Alycia W. Morales

Life Lesson #8

This one's all about grace.

Being a perfectionist, I tend to expect more of myself, which also makes me expect more of others. Which, unfortunately, can lead to judging others. Which I really try hard not to do.

Because if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's this:

 No one is perfect. No, not one.

Except Jesus. He was the only perfect, sinless human to walk the face of the earth. Because in that humanity, He is also the Son of God.

It's when I had children that I started to take a second look at my expectations. Yes, I expect myself and others to do everything with excellence - to the best of our abilities. But I don't expect everything to be so perfect anymore. Because it's just not going to happen.

Some kids are only going to be C students. Others will be A students. Some adults are only going to be able to handle so much before they have a breakdown and the house goes to pot for a week. Others are going to vacuum their floors every morning at five.

God has given each of us strengths and weaknesses. He's wired each one of us a particular, unique way. Sure, we may have things in common. But it's learning to live with our differences, acknowledge that they're part of a grand design, and love the person without judging them for those obvious weaknesses or overbearing strengths that matters. Even when we think they shouldn't be that way.

Because we could each use a little grace in our lives. Couldn't we?

So the next time the person in line in front of you is putting their money and receipt neatly into their wallet while you're wishing they'd move out of your way, consider the fact that God has designed them to be organized ... and they probably know where everything is because God has gifted them with organizational abilities. And give them a little room and a little time to be themselves.


I'm not perfect and neither are you... #LifeLessons via @AlyciaMorales {Click to Tweet}

We could all use a little grace. Couldn't we? #LifeLessons via @AlyciaMorales {Click to Tweet}

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